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Boy with T-shirt message for Kanye

Several people have messaged asking what this post is about.
Kanye West encouraged the WHOLE AUDIENCE to shout at people who were not standing up for one of his songs. One of them was a wheelchair user and one had a prosthetic leg. There is a video about it here

Kanye defends himself, that he’s a “married, Christian man”… 
Dude, don’t defend yourself when you fuck up. Just admit you fucked up. That’s what the rest of us do when we fuck up at our jobs. We all fuck up. You’re not special in that regard, so just admit it.
Also, being married, Christian or a man doesn’t mean “above reproach”. We’d all be better off when married, Christian men realize that.

At this link is the full video, no cuts whatsoever:
Here’s another link  that again shows that he changes his tune when he realized the people were disabled:
The jerk thing he did do was (allegedly) have a security to confirm the person was in a wheelchair and he said it was okay. Other than that the story got blown out of proportion and just added fuel to the Kanye hate train. 

"oh oh they’re disabled OKAY NOW IT’S COOL THEN that don’t stand FOR ME, THE ROYAL DICTATOR KANYE OF THE UNIVERSE" everybody sit the fuck down this man is a nightmare inside of a massive square ego